Discovering new atmospheres and exploring new horizons is the distinctive character of OFFICINA36. This collection has drawn inspiration from the most unspoiled nature where the landscapes and colors of the sky and the earth are so intense that they touch the soul.

OFFICINA36 through its Spring Summer 2022 collection plunges us into a new dimension where the daily routine is upset and the contrasts between urban life and nature blend harmoniously, touching deep feelings.

This journey into nature is visible in the collection through the choice of fabrics, colors, style and a simple and clean aesthetic steeped with hints of exotic travel in materials and color palette.

The fabrics are natural, the shirts are in linen and cotton muslin with impalpable touch, the trousers are in ecru cotton canvas, the jackets are in pastel-colored cotton and linen and the jackets are made with extremely natural fabrics, like hemp and raw linen.

The garments have a “casual” but tidy look, fabrics are treated with stone washes, natural colors as if bleached by the sun, luxurious garments combined with soft fits.

The style is that of a modern dandy with a simple and clean taste, with a shabby but tailoring look that mixes the aesthetics of work clothes with military details and proportions.

Outfits are composed by relaxed and clean look where long double-breasted jackets are combined with oversized shirts and soft trousers with pleats and wide hem.

Deconstructed jackets and suits with hollowed shoulders and soft torso with peak lapel are presented in technical or natural fabrics.

Military-style jackets in cotton-hemp, denim work jackets, field jackets in coated and printed fabric and washed cotton trench coat enrich the outfit.

Knitwear is in cotton or linen, with workmanship and color treatments while t-shirts are dyed with natural colors and hand painted.

Jeans are in denim canvas with wash shades from bleach to dark, from black to gray and from blue to light blue, broken by the original washings that are made only with stone and Marseille soap.

The colors range from natural white to mud and military greens, from sand to blue and then they are combined with pastel colors such as turquoise, yellow, pink, mint green and geranium red.