Comfort is the key element for Officina36 fall-winter 2021/22 collection.
Softened silhouettes and knitted fabrics reinforce this aspect of casual and nonchalant clothing.

The collection mixes the codes of comfort and sportswear with military and tailoring.
The soft style and sense of calm is given by fluid and comfortable fabrics and winter and desaturated pastel colors.

Belted coats, knitted jackets, mohair sweaters, sweatshirts and soft trousers are the emblem of the comfort of the collection.

The jackets are deconstructed and removed from their formalism and reassembled with soft and velvety fabrics, softer fits and wider lapels.

The trousers range from the tighter volumes for more formal occasions to the oversized ones.

The jogging trousers with elastic and drawstring at the waist that are worn under single-breasted coats and down jackets.

The suits are deconstructed with a fluid and informal look enriched by accurate internal constructions and precious accessories that have always been a characteristic of Officina36 style.

The shirts have softened silhouettes, military pockets and destroyed washes to wear like a jacket under military-inspired coats.

Warm and soft fabrics such as velvets, boiled wools and velour cloths contrast with technical materials such as nylon and water-repellent weave.

Starting from white and black, the Officina36 autumn winter 2021/22 palette opens to shades of blue ranging from sky to very dark navy blue.
There is no shortage of hints of warmer colors such as wine up to tobacco and camel.

The main colors of the knitwear are pastel colors that start from wool white to very light blue up to lilac, sky blue and ink.